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Frosted Flowers

Highly recommended for all types of music production.

Came in with a simple idea and some lyrics and a bit of a tune. Came out with a fully produced electro dance song, professional sounding and ready to promote commercially.




Marty Love

I have recorded 4 albums

I have recorded 4 albums and 3 singles in Panther studios over the last 11 years with 4 different bands.. It's a very relaxed way to work in Panther and that's down to Richard and Sally. Richard is a very experienced producer with many years in the music business behind him. It really is fantastic value for money and any artist will always leave with a high quality product. I can't speak highly enough about how good this studio is..

Chrissy Muir (Susy Radio)

Time after time the best

Time after time, reliable, talented and fastidious about the very best quality leaving the studio !






Rock n' Roll Robot (Johnny Moped)

Great sounds

Great sounds, great people, great tea. Would highly recommend.

James Bay (MadFish)

Excellent studio

Excellent studio! Does a great job capturing the sounds you want!

Mr Jan

A cracking recording studio

If you want a cracking recording... with a studio that delivers much, much more.... I highly recommend Panther!

Johnny Sideboard

The results speak for themselves

The results speak for themselves - Rich at Panther actually can polish a t**d!!!





Anthony Clark

Great results at a great price.

I’ve used the studio many times and I’ve always come away with something good, no matter how challenging the project. Panther Studio make the music in your head into music you can share… and that’s why it gets so much repeat business. I can’t recommend this place enough – it’s a friendly small studio that achieves results you’d expect from larger, more expensive facilities.

Bunny Warren

Your dreams turn into reality

Your dreams turn into reality.






A few testimonials from some of our past customers.


Flat Records

Demos, Singles and Albums

"Why weren't studios like this when I was playing in bands!" (Richard Eddington)

Damaged GoodsSingles and Album Tracks

"Sounds Great!"

B.B.C. Voice-Overs & Sound Tracks

"Great job. Thanks guys!"

Hydra Vein

Album Restoration / Re-mastering

"You made it sound better than the original. Brilliant!"

Axis of EvilAlbum and Singles "Panther is The ONLY studio I would stake my reputation on."
The Duke of RockDemos and Album"I'll be back - to do the next album."
Link Records

Re-Mixing & Mastering

"This is a GREAT studio! Don't change anything."
EMI Publishing Artist Demos"The professional attitude and technical expertise delivered by the staff made us feel very confident."

Artist Demos

"Panther is one of those very rare studios that can make demos sound like masters!"
S.E.M.A.Albums & Film Sound Tracks"We've used other studios... but not any more - it's Panther from now on!."
U4Ria RecordsSingles and Albums"Amazing! we didn't think it was possible to get such a great sound on our budget."


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