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Recording your band, orchestra or choir on location means fast, high quality and cost effective recording at your convenience. We can attend a location of your choice and record HD audio using our specialist mobile recording equipment.


Ideal for recording large groups, choirs and orchestras.

Great for recording rehearsals or live performances.

We've been recording all types of music on location for many years. Some of the location recording projects we've undertaken include:

Rock Bands
Gospel Choirs
Function Band
Chamber Ensembles
Solo Performers

Our qualified and experienced recording technicians will come along to your specified location and set up all the necessary equipment and microphones required to capture the high quality audio.

We can also sound-check and record while the performers rehearse in a relaxed environment.

Once we've successfully recorded the performance we will bring the audio files back to the studio for final editing, mixing and mastering.

Contact us if you would like more information or speak to one of our team.


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