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Panther Studios Online Mastering service offers musicians, songwriters, bands and producers the opportunity to have their recordings mastered in the UK's well known studio - from anywhere in the world.

Panther Studios has a long tradition of combining great talent with excellent facilities. The unique combination of studio acoustics, an extensive range of analogue and digital equipment, and over 30 years experience ensures we produce excellent audio masters.

Once we've received your audio files, one of our audio engineers will master your songs using a combination of the latest mastering software tools and high quality audio hardware processors. Just send us your files and leave the rest to us.

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We accept uncompressed stereo WAV or AIFF files, 16bit & 44.1kHz or 24bit & 44.1kHz, up to 10 minutes long.

Your mastered songs will be ready for download within 2-5 working days.

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Mastering prices are £20 per song up to five songs or £180 for a whole album
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Please state the format you would like the files returned as.
16bit .wav 16bit .aif
24bit .wav 24bit .aif
.mp3 Same as Original Audio CD

If you would like the files delivered as a master audio CD, please supply a mailing address:


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