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Here are just some of the recording artists, bands and musicians who've recorded at Panther recently

Adam Ant


Chris Wilson (Flamin' Groovies)


Angie Bowie


Dave Ball (Soft Cell)


Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69)


Denise Dufort (Girl School) &
Pam Galloway (Diamond Claw)


Dick Crippen & Matt Sargent
(Tenpole Tudor / Chelsea)

Steve Dior (London Cowboys)


Matt, Steve & Tara Rez


Greg Wilson (Frantic Ants)


The Weird Things



Red Skye




Torpedo Rain


Here's a list

Adam Ant
Angie Bowie
Becki Bondage
Barry Upton
Casino Steel
Chris Wilson
Tracey Lamb
Henry Padavani
The Rev
Peo Therin
Mike Joyce
Doug Scarratt
Howard Marks (Mr Nice)
Drew McConnell
Shaun Ward
Sonya Kristina
Max Splodge
Monique Masson
Dick Crippen
Roddy Radiation
Min Plimpton
Mike Spencer
Suzi Gutsy
Dee Generate
Robin Guy
Micky Billingham
Paul Lumpy
Tony Castell
Mandy Mayer
Matt Godwin
John O'Neil
Jax Chambers
Denise Dufort
Richard Stone
Nige Millichamp
Garry Lammin
Fabian Kwest
Gemma Clarke
Petter Barhli
Dave Bal
Mike Herbage
Andy Prince
TV Smith
Mat Sargent
Johnny Moped
The Water Pistols
The Frantic Ants
Red Skye


Anti Nowhere League
Vice Squad
Brotherhood Of Man
The Boys / Hollywood Brats
Flaming Groovies / Barracudas
Rock Goddess / Girlschool / R&R Gypsies
The Police / Jayne County / Flying Padavanis
Towers Of London / Prodigy / Day 21
The Smiths
Howard Marks (Mr Nice)
Babyshambles / Libertines
Simply Red
Curved Air
Splodgenessabounds / Angelic Upstarts
B. Bnag Cider / Beatlesons / Rock'n'Roll Gypsies
Tenpole Tudor / King Kurt
The Specials
Count Bishops / The Canibals
The Slits
All About Eve / Faith No More / 3 Coulours Red
Dexys Midnight Runners / The Beat / General Public
Vice Squad
Asia / Kronos
Misty & Roots / Wham / Bad Manners
Bad Manners
Splodge / R&R Gypsies
Roosters / Cock Sparra
Cuddly Toys
R&R Gypsies / Juicy Lucy
Babyshambles / Krack
Backstreet Girls
Soft Cell
Department S
Magic Mushroom Band
The Adverts
The Big Time Charlies
The Weird Things
Torpedo Rain


A few testimonials from some of our customers.


Flat Records

Demos, Singles and Albums

"Why weren't studios like this when I was playing in bands!" (Richard Eddington)

Damaged Goods Singles and Album Tracks

"Sounds Great!"

B.B.C. Voice-Overs & Sound Tracks

"Great job. Thanks guys!"

Hydra Vein

Album Restoration / Re-mastering

"You made it sound better than the original. Brilliant!"

Axis of Evil Album and Singles "Panther is The ONLY studio I would stake my reputation on."
The Duke of Rock Demos and Album "I'll be back - to do the next album."
Link Records

Re-Mixing & Mastering

"This is a GREAT studio! Don't change anything."
EMI Publishing Artist Demos "The professional attitude and technical expertise delivered by the staff made us feel very confident."

Artist Demos

"Panther is one of those very rare studios that can make demos sound like masters!"
S.E.M.A. Albums & Film Sound Tracks "We've used other studios... but not any more - it's Panther from now on!."
U4Ria Records Singles and Albums "Amazing! we didn't think it was possible to get such a great sound on our budget."

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