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Do you wonder why you haven't made any money from your music
or why your band hasn't been signed to a label?

"We all need a little help with marketing and promotion sometimes... and Richard and his team showed us where we'd gone wrong so we could put it right. We couldn't have done it without them!"

We've had over 30 years experience in music marketing and breaking new bands into the music industry, and we're proud to be part of the many successful projects that have come through the studio via our Artist Development Programs.

Bands such as Tenpole Tudor, King Kurt, Ministry of Ska, SUN, BoysWonder and The Surfin' Dead have all had the benefit of of our expertise and have all been successful in the music business at the highest evel.

So, what are our 'Artist Development Programs' and how could they help you?

Our Development Programs were first unleashed onto the music industry in 1995 by our in-house record labels FLAT Records and U4Ria. They were initially designed to help give new bands and artists an overview of the level of marketing and production that would be required from them in order to maximise sales of their records, CDs and Downloads and improve their world-wide exposure.

Some artists may require a full program to address their entire marketing concepts, whereas others may require attention to certain details, so each Development Program is designed specifically to address the needs of each individual artist or band.

Aspects of our development programs include:


  • Worldwide Product Distribution (via PHD)
  • Artist Image
  • Promo Photos
  • Artwork and Design Concepts
  • Press Releases and Biographies
  • Radio Promotion
  • Live Music Promotion
  • Music Video Production
  • Social Networking
  • On-Line Marketing
  • On-Line Sales and Downloads
  • Recording Studio Production
  • Studio Vocal Techniques
  • TV Promotion


If you're interested in any of these services, please Call: 01737 210848

or use our Contact form for more details.




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